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Here are links to some of reviews and awards given to ThumbsPlus.

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SoftPicks Network 5-Star Award from SoftPicks Network
Shareware Island 5-Star Award from Shareware Island
FreeFunFiles 5 out 5 rating from BrotherSoft
FreeFunFiles Editor's Pick for October 2005
the INQUIRER " shows you what you have on your hard drive so much faster than Windows XP that it makes you want to go grab a Seattle programmer by the neck and shake him...We continue to be well impressed by Thumbs Plus...Highly recommended." [Read full article] - The Inquirer, October 2005
Technology Corner "...Thumbs Plus gives you every tool you'll need to organize, view, and show the images. It's quick. It's capable. What more could I ask for!" [Read full article] - Technology Corner, February 2005
PC Magazine "Another perennial favorite is Cerious Software's peerless Thumbs- Plus..." [Read full article] - John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, August 2004
PCM Keuze Dutch "Personal Computer Magazine", September 2004 issue, awards ThumbsPlus 7 Standard with its "Best Buy" recommendation. [Read full article]
PC World "ThumbsPlus 6 by Cerious comes to the rescue for those who need a quick and easy program to manage hundreds or thousands of image files."
Softlandmark "An excellent, completely useful tool!"
ListSoftListSoft ListSoft "Extremely nice tool."
The WUGNET Shareware Hall of Fame!

WUGNET Inducted into the Microsoft/WUGNET Hall Of Fame.

Shareware Industry Awards 1998 Graphics/Multimedia Program of the Year!!
Stroud's CWSApps TUCOWS
5 Star Shareware 5 Star Pick.
MCR Online "ThumbsPlus from Cerious Software is the best graphics image-management system I know of..." - Jerry Pournelle of

"Cerious Software's ThumbsPlus 4.5 wins their FIFTH Blue Ribbon!"

STReport "At STReport, We'd be lost without Thumbs Plus... In addition to all the ways we use Thumbs Plus for our Graphical Needs. We ALSO use it for FONT SELECTION because of its fine font sampling. If you want to catalog, view or show Graphics, ThumbsPlus 4 is THE ANSWER..."

Rocket Download "Throughout the years, we've acquired, organized and processed thousands of graphics files. This download, ThumbsPlus, has been at our side throughout Rocket Download's history. It's an irreplaceable program that allows you to manage and edit a variety of images, graphics, video clips and more..."
The Internet Eye Magazine "ThumbsPlus is, in my estimation, the best graphics thumbnail viewer for viewing pictures and graphics. I reviewed the program last year and will not go over the basics, which remain the same in this excellent program which I still use almost every day..."
PC Magazine "ThumbsPlus has too many cool features to list ... Believe me, you need this product if you have image files. Unequivocal recommendation." - John C. Dvorak, "Inside Track," PC Magazine
PC Magazine PC Magazine "...I have yet to find a competitive product as good as this..."
STReport ZDNet "Spend some quality time with ThumbsPlus, and you'll see why it's been a shareware favorite for years..."
CNET "ThumbsPlus is an application that makes it easy to find and maintain graphics, clip art, fonts, and animation files..."
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